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PMT 8-17 Rams Head Coach Sean McVay And QB Jared Goff + Mt Rushmore Of Sidekicks

Chris Berman might be back and we judge the new MNF crew based off 10 minutes of Football which is incredibly unfair of us. Jalen Ramsey roasts Quarterbacks and we do word association with his list. Mt Rushmore of sidekicks. Rams HC Sean McVay joins the show to talk about Super Bowl expectations, whether he has the facial hair of a Football guy and the Rams saying “the standard is the standard”. Rams QB Jared Goff joins the show to talk about year 2 under McVay’s offense, California Teens, and our newest interview tactic “people also ask”. Segments include Hurt or Injured Big Ben, Way to stay relevant Baseball, Embrace Debate did the Yankees earn their pinstripes and Grab Bag of Roasts/Jimbos/Explain It