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What's The Most Haunted Place In The World You'd Like To Visit?

Caller today had been watching Dark Tourist on Netflix, which I guess is a show where they visit fucked up places, and posed the question to us. Honestly I don’t think I want to go anywhere that is supposedly haunted. I don’t fuck with spirits (aside from the Indian Chief spirit I quite literally fucked with). I don’t think I’m all that terrified of dead bodies, though I’ve never come across one anywhere but a wake, yet the stories surrounding dead bodies freak me all the way out. I couldn’t even watch MTV’s “Fear” as a kid and just thinking about it still scares me today.

Kevin had a different take. He’d basically visit anywhere that was haunted. He threw out Chernobyl, Japan’s suicide forest, Anne Frank’s attic, Lizzie Borden’s house, wherever. If there’s a spirit that might ruin your day Kevin wants to meet it. He’s like Nic Cage but slightly less twisted.

Also on the podcast we’ve got a little bit on Nick DiPaolo being upset we didn’t post his interview and voicemails from a guy wondering if you’d go vegetarian for a girl, a girl wondering if she can invoice her ex boyfriend for presents and things she bought him, and calling someone the wrong name in bed.