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Tripping Balls with GQ's Sam Hine


The boys are back with another spicy ep for all you red-blooded jawnz enthusiasts, featuring GQ’s own Sam Hine. Sam joins the gang to talk about twin dicks, running errands for Anna Wintour, chasing down Lil Uzi Vert and the only podcast beef that matters. Then, in Captain’s Log/Letters to Home, James regales the gang about his most recent excursion as a certified Pump Boy™ at the TomTom grand opening in LA. We’re also kicking things off with a big FU reveal, featuring a new way for the eight million members of the Fail Gang to be a part of the show: Welcome to The FU Hotline™, bitch! Hit our line (828) 539-1869, smash that mf call button and leave a voicemail, baby.