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The Podfathers: Being Handy Is Overrated, Libraries Are Underrated, Bulletproof Backpacks For School Are A Sad Reality, And Special Guest Martellus Bennett Joins Us

On today’s Podfathers, myself, Chaps, and Large took a step towards killing toxic masculinity by admitting we are all woefully unhandy and proudly employ other men to fix our houses. We then discussed back to school shopping now including bulletproof backpacks because we are all living in hell and libraries being a sneaky savior for parents looking to get their kids the fuck out of the house/hair. Finally, former NFL Tight End Martellus Bennett’s beautiful mind links up with Chaps’ beautiful mind as they have a wildly fun conversation about kids, the imagination, and Marty’s new animated series “The Fantastical Adventures of A.J.”