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The Pat McAfee Show 8-7: I Met Bill Burr

On today’s show, Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Todd, Zito, and Jourdyn to recap everything from Rough ’N’ Rowdy 4 in Youngstown, OH including all the best moments from Bill Burr to the fights themselves and a recap of Pat’s electric night on the microphone. Pat also does a deep dive into the newest Avengers movie and tries to make sense of it all after watching it over the weekend, and the guys chat about Last Chance U, and how it shares some parallels with Pat’s West Virginia experience, and how it shines a light on some of the issues with the NCAA. Also joining the show is former Patriots 2nd round pick and Colts cornerback/safety, one of the smoothest athletes alive, Darius Butler for a great conversation. They cover what he’s been up to while being a free agent, he educates the people about what his job was on the football field, how he feels about all the helmet/concussion issues and new rules, and whether or not he’s considered joining one of the many new professional basketball leagues (47:26-58:45). Come laugh with us, cheers.