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Mike Stud On KFC Radio Talking Barstool Rap Battles, Baseball, And Dating Jose Canseco's Daughter


Today we’re joined by that dude Mike Stud and we talk about everything under the sun. We’ve got the Dave v KFC rap battle, what it was like coming up as a rapper while also being a Division 1 pitcher at Duke, shooting music videos, tour life, not giving a fuck about what people think about you, and what it’s like dating Jose Canseco’s daughter.

Also, we’re joined by Gay Pat to talk about his training and what he thinks his chances are vs a guy who did over four years in prison at Rough n Rowdy (buy here).

Of course we also have your voicemails. Is underwear a dealbreaker? Girl tells a guy she won’t sleep with anyone who wears Fruit of the Loom, does it work both ways? Can you hook up with a hot girl from Switzerland who’s clearly a racist? What do guys think about young girls who get Botox? And, what’s the best fake porn: Casting Couch or Fake Taxi?

Great episode today, give it a listen.