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The Pat McAfee Show 7-27: Pat's NFL Draft Story, Pardon My Take, And Adam Vinatieri

On today’s show, Nick fills in for Pat and selects some of his favorite stories and interviews from the first 199 episodes of the Pat McAfee Show. He selects a couple of classic stories including Pat’s hilarious NFL Draft Day story that inevitably changed everything (2:21-10:19), and one of the original Behind The Badge stories where Todd tells the now infamous chicken story (29:10-37:23). Also included is an interview with Big Cat and PFT Commenter of Pardon My Take where Pat and Big Cat’s relationship is explained a little more and how Pat details how he eventually found himself working for Barstool (13:03-26:00). Nick’s final selection is the incredible interview Pat did with the most clutch athlete of all time, the GOAT, Adam Vinatieri, in their first extended conversation since Pat’s retirement. They cover what it was like being teammates, how Vinny reacted to Pat retiring, and Pat tells his favorite Adam Vinatieri story of all-time detailing his kicking battle with Matt Stover while Vinny was injured (41:17-1:16:48). As always, Nick picks a couple of Bangerz to help send you into the weekend the right way. Come and laugh with us, cheers.