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Artie Lange Pops By To Talk Everything On KFC Radio

Today we’re joined by Artie Lange. We’ve been booking dates with him for probably about 5 years and it’s finally happened. Artie pops on to talk about everything under the sun, from his relationship to Howard Stern to heroin addiction to gambling to life on the road, and everything in between. Honestly it was an incredibly interesting interview, one of our best yet.

We also discuss my bachelor party this weekend, where I almost died in the woods on Montreal, and take your voicemails. Voicemails include “a guy slapped me on the ass on our first date,” “what the fuck does the monkey emoji mean,” and “is it ridiculous of me to not like when the guy I’m hooking up with posts videos of us having sex to his story.”

It’s an awesome episode so listen up.