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The Pat McAfee Show 6-21: Absolutely Loaded Show

Today’s show is a great one. Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Todd, and Zito as they discuss his professional baseball debut, what he’s been doing to prepare, and what some of his plans are for the game. Also joining the show are three incredible guests. First, Host of Dialed-In on Barstool Power 85, co-host of Starting 9, and former Oakland A’s pitching great, Dallas Braden, joins the show to give Pat a couple of pointers on what to expect, whether he thinks Pat can get a hit, he walks the guys through his perfect game, and breaks down his relationship with A-Rod (12:47-38:06). Next, NBA Insider and co-host of The Jump and SportsNation, Amin Elhassan, joins the show to discuss the NBA draft, free agency, whether or not Jay-Z joining Puma matters, and where he expects guys like LeBron and Kawhi Leonard to end up (43:43-1:00:20). Lastly, memorabilia and collectible guru Brandon Steiner joins the show to chat about what some of his highest selling items are, what some of the hottest pieces of memorabilia are, how his company achieves authenticity, and where he sees the business going in the future (1:01:05-1:23:21). It’s a good one. Come laugh with us, cheers.