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The Pat McAfee Show 6-1 Wowwww, What A Friday

On today’s show, Pat is joined by Nick, Digs, Todd, and Zito as they chat about Pat, Foxy, and Digs’ performances in the Barstool Spelling Bee, the weight loss challenge coming down to the wire, some of the new march that is available and will be coming out in the future, and wrap up the show with some Friday Bangerz. Also included is a hilarious interviews with former “Workaholics” star and one of the stars of “I’m Dying Up Here,” Erik Griffin, joins the show to talk about his current standup tour and the debut of his new special “American Warrior,” what some of his goals are for his career at this stage, and how he feels about the Heartland crew (30:21-57:15). Later, co-host of the Jim and Sam show and WWE NXT panelist, the last professional broadcaster, Sam Roberts, joins the show to chat about Pat’s involvement with the WWE, the Drake and Pusha T beef, Roseanne’s racist comments, and more (1:01:51-1:23:25). Start your weekend the right way. Come laugh with us. Cheers.