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Pre-Dating Is The Wave Of The Future And I'm All The Way On Board

Some of you may have heard of pre-dating. It’s a tweet that went viral earlier in the week, you may read it here…

People are all hot about this, both sides hot as a pistol, and I’d like to firmly plant my flag on Team Pre-Dating. Both Kevin and I would like to do so, which is funny because we both had no clue where the other was going to land on this.

Without knowing that term existed, I’ve been a pre-date guy my whole life because I’m not attractive enough to look at and think, “Shit, I’d like to date that guy.” I’ve gotta seep into your pores and infect your bloodstream, like a virus. It takes months, even years, to realize that you find me remotely tolerable and attractive. I’m human drowning, I’m what you fear your whole life but once it happens you kinda just accept it and think, “Fuck it. I guess. Whatever.”

It’s a trend that will have serious pushback at first, but all great dating revolutions have faced resistance. You think the first caveman didn’t get made fun of by his friends when he decided to club the first woman he ever saw? You think parents were happy with the first child to refuse an arranged marriage? How about the first guy to file for divorce or not marry his high school sweetheart? Of course all these people were mocked and called crazy, but where would society be without them today? I shudder to even think of the idea.

History will remember pre-dating fondly, I assure you of that.