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The Pat McAfee Show 5-31 Live From A Holiday Inn Patio In New York City

On today’s show, Pat is joined by Nick, Todd, Digs, and Zito as they record the podcast Live from the patio of their hotel in New York City. The guys also welcome Lightswitch Lou Roberts and Matt Browner to the show as they discuss Zito getting booted off certain ad reads, what Louis thinks about Bryan Colangelo’s burner accounts and what it means for the 76ers, who won the first round of the Pusha T/Drake beef, and are interrupted by several French tourists. Later, Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens joins the show to chat about being on the cover of the newest Madden game, how he’s still in great shape, which teams he would potentially consider for a comeback, and he tries to help settle the Jordan vs. LeBron debate (22:39-42:06). Today’s show is a great time. Come laugh with us. Cheers.