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Tony Hale Joins KFC Radio To Talk Arrested Development And Veep

Today on KFC Radio we’re lucky enough to sit down with one of the stars of one of the funniest comedies in the history of television. I’ve rewatched Arrested probably 7 times and not only does it stand the test of times, I’m confident I’ve still only caught about 60% of the jokes. It’s that good.

On top of that, Tony Hale was probably the nicest dude I’ve ever met in my life. Between Buster Bluth and Gary Walsh (Hale’s character in Veep) I’ve seen so much of him that I really hoped he wasn’t a dick, and he couldn’t have been further from that. Not only was he just cool and kind, he wouldn’t even start the interview until we’d eaten and been fed dessert. That makes anyone an A+, all time guy in my book.

Check out Arrested season 5 when it returns to Netflix on May 29.