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An Important Hi Haters Discussion - What Barstool Personality Would You Want To Punch LeBron During A Game?


I hopped on last night with the Hi Haters duo of Kayce and Chaps to discuss Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals and it of course led to an entirely different conversation. Chaps asked me the original question that if I were Brad Stevens would you bring in someone off the bench and just punch LeBron?

Now, while I appreciate Chaps going right for the goon method and we know John Chaney approves, it’s just something that can’t happen. You can send a guy in to sort of beat him up though, bump him across the lane, rake his arm on shots, etc., but you have to remember that LeBron is still the size of Karl Malone, so you better bring in someone big enough to disrupt him.

But, we’re Barstool, so we’re going to go even a bit different here. Me, being the Journalist, that I am, switched the question on the hosts. Let’s say every Barstool personality all of a sudden had enough skill and athleticism to form our own NBA team. We are playing LeBron and Chaps is the head coach. What personality is Chaps sending out there to punch LeBron? Here is the list that we came up with, let me know yours @barstoolreags


This was Kayce’s answer as she described Coley as someone who likely has some deep seated anger towards LeBron as a Celtics fan and is big enough to get a solid hit. I don’t hate this decision at all. Coley will be a popular pick due to his size.


Chaps decided to go with Nate as his answer. His reasoning was hiding Nate in a crowd and then letting him go spider monkey in a surprise attack. Again, solid reasoning here. However, the height factor could come into play. Remember, Chaps said he wanted someone to punch LeBron in the face and LeBron is in fact what most people call tall.


Another name that was thrown out by Chaps is his Podfathers buddy Clem. His reasoning was essentially get the biggest guy out there. Plus, Clem is a father of two and has that strength that LeBron has talked about before. If a man is willing to go to Latvia and be a Mets/Knicks fan, you don’t know what he’s capable of. That said, Clem is the nicest human in the world and would likely apologize and hug LeBron the moment he made contact with him. Don’t love this choice.

Pat McAfee
Coors Light Carb Day 2015 - 2015 Indy 500

Pat’s name was thrown out there because, well, it might be the most logical. Pat was a professional athlete, which probably helps in this scenario. He has good size and again, he was a professional athlete. Just feels like we might be overthinking things here. However, Pat also made a video this week auditioning for the Cavs, so he may see LeBron as a teammate.


YP was actually one that came to mind pretty quick for me. I know he might not have the reach to land a clean shot on LeBron, but he 100% can hip check him to get him off his feet then attack. Plus, YP is in tune with nature and that shit so he’s seen smaller guys win a fight.

So those are the five that we came up with on the fly of who we’d roll out there as our choices to live up to Chaps’ dream. The question to you, is what Barstool personality are you throwing out there?