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LCB Ep. 048 - How Gross Was the Grandparents' Bed in Willy Wonka? (Listener Questions)

0:00 – Addressing some questions
3:53 – Leo/Spielberg Ulysses S. Grant movie?
5:59 – Fucking Dark Universe won’t die
11:20 – Paul Fieg almost got Wonder Woman
14:18 – Fast & Furious spin-off a buddy film
17:29 – Obi-Wan movie plot rumor
19:24 – Listener Questions

Our second episode under Barstool is out and we took on some listener questions. We tackled the status of the grandparents’ bed from ‘Willy Wonka’ and how gross it might be. They definitely shit in the bed, right?

We also talked some hypotheticals, including things you’d rather do than sit and listen to James Cameron talk about the fucking ocean for six uninterrupted hours.

To learn more about our podcast, click here to our welcome post from the other day.

Bumping our ‘Grit Week the Movie’ casting. We will be doing more of these.

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