KFC Radio: Ben McKenzie, Heather McMahan, and Hunger Games Baseball

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-We lost a listener this week. 

-What song should replace the National Anthem? 

-New York bans Revel scooters 

-The Detroit Lions has "solved covid" 

-AITA Thursday: The Wedding Essay, The Penguin Lady, and Gaslighting via Boobs 

-Voicemails include: Hunger games baseball, dodging girlfriend in quarantine, and Being Bon Iver 

Ben McKenzie joins the show! We discuss being an icon as Ryan Atwood on The OC, earning the love of the comic book world with his role as Commissioner Gordon on Gotham, and his time on Broadway. He also tells us about his first acting experience which involved a 7 hour play. Heather McMahan joins the show! She tells us what it's been like living at her Mom's house in quarantine, we discuss how she's led the #FreeBritney movement, and much more. 

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