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PHOTOS: Stool Scenes 232 - Another Day at the Office

As you guys know by now, Hank is moving on to the Bets section of Barstool and we had a ton of fun the past 8 months putting together a new version of Stool Scenes. It was my first gig coming into Barstool and I couldn’t have been happier to learn from him. Dana takes the reigns and we are pumped about that as well. As you guys have seen, his Barstool Docs have been on fire, so we are in good hands. Some of the old school stoolies know this, but Dana worked on Stool Scenes with YP for a while too, so this isn’t anything new to him. With that said, congrats to both Hank and Dana for their new moves. Enjoy the photos and watch the latest episode of scenes here:

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