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PHOTOS: Stool Scenes 228 - Hypersexualized Men

Photos are BACK and what a week to be back.

We had the Lock-off, Lick-off starring El Pres and Stu Feiner. We had hypnosis. We had Danny Dimes fever. We had French Montana. We had PFT’s dream of interviewing fullbacks, Mike Alstott and Lorenzo Neal. We had Abella Danger visit us again for an awesome ATI. We had Phoenix Marie. We had Jordi El Nino. So much happened this week, we couldn’t cover it all in Stool Scenes.

Tuesday’s Stool Scenes will have the Avocado Ross saga, JackMac’s Hot Tip and more from KFC Radio with Abella, Jordi, and Phoenix. Until then, watch the Friday episode:

Photos by Arya and Rudy