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Rodeo Fans Pay to Get Run Over by a Rampaging Bull

SourceHORRIFIC footage shows a distressed bull smashing into people who PAID to be charged by the powerful beast.

The astonishing footage shows the bizarre Ring of Fear game at the Miami Rodeo, in Oklahoma, USA.

Men and occasionally women stand in a circle and attempt to stay standing as an angry bull charges at them.

As the baying crowd watches on, Van Halen’s hit Jump ironically plays in the background.

Grown men are shown being thrown high into the air while being manhandled by the three-tonne animals.

In a world that has developed an unhealthy fetish for safety, where we’re banning games of tag on school playgrounds, jungle gyms are considered death traps and you can’t stock shelves in a store without wearing a hardhat, googles and a back brace, it’s good to see this. It’s good to know there are still places in America where you can lay down 25 bucks and put your life senselessly at risk. I didn’t think we had it in us any more.

Sure, you can call these people stupid, reckless, inbred hillbilly trash if you wish. But in a time when we’ve declared war on football, tell me just a little part of you isn’t glad to know there are still people among us willing to stare down a raging, spear-tipped, meaty, speeding bulldozer of death.

Besides, since the days of the Roman Coliseum, we’ve been sticking animals into arenas and torturing and slaughtering these majestic beasts for our own amusement. In some places, they’re still killing bulls in the ring. So in 2018, it’s time we return the favor and let them shoot their shots. To the sound of 80s hair band anthems, no less. Fortunately we’ve got shitkickers just backwards enough to pay their own money for the privilege of doing it. Their lack of any sort of instinct for self preservation is part of what made this country great. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.

So please, give us more Ring of Fear. It’s not only fun to watch, it’s doing society a favor.