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Max Scherzer Became The Quickest Pitcher To Record 100 Strikeouts In A Season

What a monster. We’ve been tracking all of Scherzer’s starts and man, he’s made it easy. Not a dud out of any of them. When you think he couldn’t possibly top himself, he goes out there and dominates one team after another. This last Saturday was no exception. He whiffed 13 Dodgers in 7 innings, allowing only 5 hits and 2 ERs.

Look at the movement on these pitches…what can…what can a hitter even do?

He’s just something else, man.

He has a strong case not just for his 3rd straight Cy Young, but MVP too. Obviously a long way to go, but he’s in the early running without a doubt.

Oh and he’s hitting the ball with ease this year too.

Can he play 2nd base?



PS: This could be better, tbh:

The bullpen depth is a big issue. Thank goodness the starters are all pristine, but having them all go 100+ every night will catch up to them.