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I Met Tiger Woods Last Night

I don’t know what to say. I met Tiger Woods last night. He was awesome. And it almost didn’t happen. Here’s the quick story of how it all went down:

You see, I went to the Vegas Golden Knights game last night thanks to my friends at SeatGeek. Go check out the Barstoolsports Instagram story, it was so, so, so awesome. I’ll blog about it later because it didn’t just meet up to the hype, it far exceeded it. Easily the best game experience I’ve ever been a part of. Oh and Jon Taffer was in the same row as me but my seats were better, nbd, thank you SeatGeek. Use code STOOLIE20 and get $20 off.

But anyway, after the game I asked my friend Daniel what the plan for the night was and he said he was going to walk over to MGM for the Tiger Woods Foundation event and asked if I’d like to join. Yes, I answered, yes I would like to join. So on we went to the MGM where my life was about to change forever.

We got to MGM. We went to the charity event. Lots of great people there raising money for a great cause. But I was fixated on one thing- “where’s Tiger?” So I asked my friend Phil…and it turned out Tiger just busted the tournament 5 minutes before we got there and went to get dinner. He was in this chair 5 minutes before I got there.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 12.57.01 PM

I was devastated. Just to be in the same room as someone like Tiger would have been so cool. But it was ok, no biggie, I was just happy to be there. But still, I couldn’t believe I missed Tiger by 5 minutes.

Flash forward to the end of the event. As if out of the clouds, Tiger re-appeared! Honestly, it was really cool. Like, surreal. He’s on that level of Jordan, Ruth, Ali where you never expect to find yourself 3 inches away from them. But there I was. And there he was. And I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.08.18 PM

We’ve had a lot of big names come through the office. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a ton of very cool people. This was Tiger though. TIGER. So I walked over to him. He had his back turned to me and I mouthed to Phil “can I talk to him?” I was very nervous. And Phil was like “of course”. So I did. I introduced myself to Tiger. Shook his hand. Asked for a selfie. Nailed the selfie. And then we chatted. I don’t want to get into details but I’ll say this- he was so cool. So, so cool. After 10 seconds it felt like just a couple of legends, talking, shmoozing, catching up on old times.

So yes, I consider Tiger a friend of mine now. Maybe we’ll hang out again tonight, I’m watching the Caps and then seeing Absinthe so I’m not positive if we’ll have time. So if not maybe we’ll get up early tomorrow to play a quick 18 at Shadow Creek.

Only in Vegas. Only in America.

PS: People keep saying I tuck my ears into my hat. I don’t. I just put it on and I let my ears and my hat fight it out. I don’t even think about it, but I will now.