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I Am So Sick And Tired Of The Vegas Golden Knights And You Should Be Too

Before we really get going here, let me at least comment on what a snipe that was from Reilly Smith. I mean good god that was disgusting. Connor Hellebuyck is a Vezina finalist this year. And he wasn’t even close on this one. He barely had time to even react before this one goes Bar Mexico.

Reilly Smith. Yet another former Florida Panther putting the Vegas Golden Knights on his back and bringing this team one win closer to the Stanley Cup Final. I swear to god I want to punch every single person in the Panthers organization in the throat. This is all their fault. Gerard Gallant. Jonathan Marchessault. Reilly Smith. We need to relegate the Florida Panthers. But I digress.

You want to know who loves a “feel good” story? Suckers. That’s who. You know what I say? I say frig off to a feel good story. Because here’s the thing about them–

That shit ain’t happening to you. Why on Earth do you give a single frick about somebody else’s joy and accomplishment? This is the real world, people. We’re not living in some goddamn Disney movie make-believe-land shit. In the real world, the only thing in life that matters is you. And if something good is happening to somebody who is not you? It’s infuriating.

So sure, the Vegas Golden Knights playing in their first season in the NHL as a group of misfit castaways who were told they were non-essential to their former clubs being just 1 win away from the Stanley Cup Final is a great “feel good” story. But FUUUUUUCK THAT. You have teams who have been trying for years to get to the Stanley Cup Final. You have teams like the Edmonton Oilers who have been sucking ass on purpose for an entire decade, racking up 1st overall pick after 1st overall pick, and they’re still an absolute joke. So for a team to just come in here and treat the NHL like they’re a bunch of kids who just graduated from college playing in a beer league filled with a bunch of dudes who are 40+ and have a cake walk straight to the championship? Save that shit for the movies.

Again, it’s just infuriating is all. It is infuriating that a group of guys who never played together before this year are just 60 good minutes away from playing for the greatest trophy in all of sports. It is infuriating that a team that didn’t even exist just over a year or so ago are 1 win away from having a chance to get their names engraved on Lord Stanley’s Cup. And it is infuriating that this shit can’t happen for the Philadelphia Flyers. That’s really what this whole blog boils down to.

The Western Conference, and the Florida Panthers, should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Figure it out, Winnipeg.