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Jacob deGrom (7 IP, 1 ER, 13 K) Let His Big Ol' Nuts Hang Against The Diamondbacks Tonight

I’ll admit I was quietly real worried to myself before tonight’s game. With Lagares being ruled out for the season today, I expected the ol’ Mets Two Step to happen with deGrom leaving tonight’s game early after he threw a total of 45 pitches in one inning in his first game since his hyperextended elbow. But all Jake did was what Jake usually does. Throw his Jupiter sized balls on the bump, deal like an ace, and give Mets fans one night off from Panic City. Or at least until the bullpen comes in. But even the ‘pen came through just fine and the Mets got a win on a night where deGrom tied his career high in strikeouts. And I’m not gonna lie, I needed that one. Again, between the Lagares news, Yo going on the DL, deGrom’s arm being a question mark, and this Photoshop from hell being plastered around town

I expected nothing but the worst. But instead Jake gave us his best. Like he always does. That’s why I and so many Mets fans love him so much and why we would die if the Mets allowed Yankees fans like Hubbs’ to get their little grubby hands on him. Yeah the other pitchers that came up with deGrom in the Mets system had the fancier nicknames and radar gun numbers. But Jake has always quietly been The Guy and Our Guy. Now Conforto is starting to cook at the dish and I guess that “logjam” in the outfield figured itself out in classic Mets fashion. All we just need Wheeler and Matz to respectively get and keep their heads out of their asses, Thor to get sharper as the season progresses, a few postponed games here and there to keep Jason Vargas as far away from a mound as possible while the bats that struggled to start the year heat up. Simple arithmetic folks! Speaking of math, I loooooove catcher ERA stats like this.


Did the Mets improve their pitching by trading Matt Harvey? Sources tell me yes! All the Mets need is for Devin Mesoraco to stay healthy for an entire season for the first time since his breakout in 2014. No problem at all!

But the most important part of tonight was that our ace looked as great and healthy as always. I have never tweeted anything truer than this.