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Barstool Has Invaded Rockstar Games HQ For GTA V With Stoolies + The Syndicate

Watch Barstool Crew Invades Rockstar Games for GTA V Playlist Magic from Barstoolsports on

It’s no secret we dabble in the art of GTA V (manhunting us for a bounty/free cash wasn’t exactly the smartest move for the wallet and/or life). Well, the creators over at Rockstar have, for some reason, invited us over yet again to invade their HQ and play new modes. We had everyone from the Foreplay Boys to Donnie crankin’ hoons on the virtual docks battling already.

So…squad up, bitches! We got myself, Devlin, Tex, and the Almighty Zah dabbling at Rockstar at 5pm. If you’d like to join our GTA V posse, all you gotta do is follow AND subscribe to @BarstoolSports on Twitch. We need maniacs to play with or against a clan, be sure to link up. We can dance together or to the death. Doesn’t matter to us. Play GTA V? Join our Barstool Syndicate here and we can run amok around town like warrior poets of the streets.

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 2.47.22 PM

See you in the Syndicate. Also, no promises of referring to myself as YBN Smitty again. Maybe.