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Someone Cut Up A Whale Penis With A Deli Slicer: The Results Might Surprise You

I gotta be honest folks. I cant be the only one who thinks that if you took some thinly sliced whale dick, put that shit on some bread with a slice of provolone, you might have one hell of a sandwich on your hands.

What kinda sauce though? We talkin tarter? I hope not. YUCK! If I was eating a whale dick sandwich (WDS), I’d have a nice whole grain mustard sauce. Probably some bean sprouts, heirloom tomatoes of various colors, and an artisanal pickle. Frilly toothpick? You betcha.


Overall, kinda cool how you can see the pee hole in each and every slice. I’ve never thought about how the urethra goes end-to-end in the cock but the proof is in the pudding. That’s a thick pee hole too. I bet you could stick a fat, kindergarten pencil in that hole without any wiggling. Incredible.