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'Happytime Murders' is About Homicidal, Sex & Drug Addicted Muppets? Yes, Please.

Sweet Jesus, what just happened? I mean, besides billions of inner childhoods being snuffed out in the span of a couple of minutes. And the fingers snapping in this particular Muppet Infinity Gauntlet belong to none other than Brian Henson, the son of the late, beloved genius Jim Henson. The same Brian Henson who was the creative force behind such wholesome family fare as Muppet Treasure Island, A Muppet Christmas Carol, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss and Elmo’s Adventures in Grouchland. Now breaking the mold with Happytime Murders.

Which involves … what exactly? Junkie Muppets offering to suck dick for money. Muppet gangbangers snorting Ecstasy. Muppets getting their heads blown off. Muppets hitting the nudie bars. And a Muppet giving another Muppet the Full Office Weinstein, complete with the most epic money shot ever recorded on film.

Given the fact that Jim Henson invented the whole Muppet universe and probably thought of his creations as real people, it’s not a stretch to say someone might have daddy issues. Or maybe Henson the Younger just got sick of the restrictions of G-rated entertainment. Or perhaps he just saw brilliant comedies like Team America: World Police and Ted and came to the realization that sex, violence and mayhem is just ten times funnier when it involves puppets. And if you add national treasures like Melissa McCarthy, Joel McHale (a huge favorite of mine), Maya Rudolph and Stanley from The Office and you’ve got the comedy of the summer. Count me right the fuck the fuck in on Happytime Murders.