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Did Tom Wilson Try To Stab A Guy? I Don't Know, You Be The Judge

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting, deplorable, despicable. Any other D-word that you can think of. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, has absolutely no place in the National Hockey League. It makes me sick.

Tom Wilson has already been suspended during these playoffs. Now he may play the game like an idiot at some points but he’s certainly not a dumb guy. He understands that he’s under a microscope right now and that he’s skating on thin ice. The pun there is only slightly intended. But every time this guy hits somebody from here on out, you can bet your bottom dollar that the NHL Department of Player Safety is going to take a look at it. Which is difficult for Tom Wilson because one of his favorite past times is injuring opposing players. Dude loves hurting people more than you love your own mother. How is he supposed to hurt guys now that he’s constantly got the DoPS up his ass every time he hits a guy? Simple solution.

Start “falling down” and stabbing guys in the face with your skates. It’s the perfect crime. I mean Tom Wilson is a former 1st round draft pick. First round draft picks don’t just fall to the ice that easily by accident. Maybe beer leaguers but not a guy who was drafted 16th overall to the show. He’s too good for that. He’s got too much body control for that. But guess how you don’t get suspended again? By making it look like you accidentally fell down while kicking that left skate up towards Chris Kunitz’s grill. That’s how. Could you potentially end up killing a guy if you accidentally catch him in the wrong spot with your skate? Surely. But that’s just playoff hockey, baby.

P.S. – Wow. Ovi is such a horrible role model. He could have donated this stick instead of throwing a temper tantrum and breaking it over the crossbar last night. Think about the kids, dude.