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Chicago Entrepeneur Wants To Build A Super Yacht With Pool, Restaurant And Bar For Lake Michigan



(Source) If a local entrepreneur has his way, Chicagoans will have an entirely new way to enjoy Lake Michigan and the city’s warm-weather social scene next summer. Beau D’Arcy wants to build a 300-by-100-foot floating vessel, nearly twice the length of the Odyssey yacht that operates cruises from Navy Pier, that would have a swimming pool, restaurants, bars, shops and a spa area — all slightly more than a mile out on Lake Michigan, due east of Erie Street and Lake Shore Drive. He says if all goes according to plan, the concept would be a reality by July 2015.

The $23 million project, called Breakwater Chicago, would require about $7 million of equity, $14 million in debt financing and $2 million in working capital. Mr. D’Arcy says the project is close to closing an initial $1 million round of funding. He is launching a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign today through Seed Chicago, a curated Kickstarter page created through a partnership among World Business Chicago, Accion Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.




This is one of those dreams vs reality situations.


Dreams – Big Cat gets jacked for summer ’15. Talking Diesel City. Sitting on the Super Yacht deck, shirt off, abs glistening, drink in hand while he laughs at all the poor people stuck on the beach and Mexicans in wife beaters wading elbow to elbow in the shallow water at Oak Street. HA! I’ve made it bitches, suck my super yacht dick.


Reality – I’ll still be fat, probably won’t go outside next summer and even if I do I’ll be the guy with swamp ass walking on lakeshore looking out at all the people on the Super Yacht calling them douchebags under my breath.



Still love this idea though, you can never have enough Super Yachts, learned that lesson the hard way.