VICTORY: Wawa Bathrooms Rated As #1 Gas Station Restroom In PA, #2 In USA

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.27.05 PM – Wawa has the best gas station bathrooms in Pennsylvania and the second-best in the country, according to a recent survey. The beloved Delaware County-based convenience-store chain passed the smell test in GasBuddy’s 2018 summer travel survey, flushing out Altoona-based Sheetz to become the top-rated gas station in the state. Across the country, Wawa was number two for best gas station bathrooms, second only to Oklahoma-based QuikTrip.

Add another trophy to the case and possibly plan another parade. Wawa has done it again. Damn right those pissing and shitting accommodations are top notch. Would you expect anything less? Clean, friendly, and there ain’t no Seabass coming in at 2:15 am in any Wawa gas station restrooms. Save that “Manly Love” for Sheetz. All in all, it’s simply another day and another victory for the greatest convenience army that ever existed. Where else can you roll right down the street and get gas, aspirin, Chef Boyardee, ice, condoms, fresh donuts, FREE ATM WITH NO SURCHARGES, delicious edible hoagies, an A+ Cup Of Joe to stay regular then shit it all out like royalty in one spot? Wawa. That’s freaking where. Just as long as you don’t accidentally start fires inside the actual store, it’s all gravy.

Coming for that ass, QuikTrip. And now, we jam out. All Hail Wawa.