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A Kid In The Uk Trolled The Shit Out Of A Reporter Doing A Story On A Marijuana Farm

Fake? That’s what a few people are saying but I don’t care. I’d like to give you my quick thoughts on the, “That’s fake dude” movement that seems to be picking up on the internet. I’d like to officially declare that I don’t care if something is fake or not. I really don’t. Or I at least don’t care if it’s not SUPER fake. I’m done worrying about that. If it looks real enough to my eye, that’s good enough for me. Life is far too short to be picking apart every single video on the internet and trying to determine if it’s 100% real. Let’s all just take a deep breath and enjoy being alive.

Anyway. I actually think that video above is real. I don’t think the kid is actually holding a weed plant and seriously ran away cause he was like, “Oh shit, cameras!” I think the kid and his friends saw the news van pull up, knew they were doing a story on the weed farm that had recently been discovered and decided to have a little fun. Which I will say, is hilarious. He timed it perfectly. You could see the reporter thinking, “God damn it they got me. I’m not going to address it because I’m a professional but those goddamn youths got me.” It’s funny and way more creative than running up to the camera and yelling, “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!” Remember when that was a thing?