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Out Of Office: I Almost Blew It With Keith Hernandez

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Yesterday was the best moment of my Barstool career. Better than Home Run Derby with Big Papi. Better than selling out the Wilbur. Better than being live on Comedy Central for a week. Yesterday I hopped in the back seat of Keith Hernandez’s car and shot the shit with him for 25 minutes and it was maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do. For a Mets fan thats some true Bucket List shit. As a kid I grew up watching Mets Classics and seeing old highlights of Mex and the 86 Mets, and as an adult I watching him every single night for half the year as 1/3 of the best broadcast in Major League Baseball. So getting to ride with him while he ate lunch was the peak for me.

But I almost blew the whole damn thing when I mismanaged my time and fucked up the trip downtown to get to him. I had to sprint in the rain, exerting more energy than I had in the past 6 months combined, racing through the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial praying that I’d get there before Keith took off. It would have been the biggest regret of my career, and maybe my life, had I let him get away.

Check the full length interview from the back of an Uber XL here: