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Popeye's Worker Quits His Job By Dropping A Rap In The Middle Of The Store

Shout out to this guy for doing what every person in the cubes dreams about daily. Quitting right in everybody’s fucking face and having it saved forever on video. Sure said video was filmed in 10.80p on an old iPhone touch. But all that matters is that it will live on forever on the internet. And he chose the perfect song to quit with too. Nobody can get mad at you if Still Not A Player is playing in the background. It’s chicken soup for the soul. Those other Popeye’s workers weren’t dancing because that rap, which didn’t even use a Louisiana Fast line, was even average. It was because Big Pun and Joe made one of the best songs in the history of the planet.

P.S. If you are that guy walking out of Popeye’s and somebody tells you they are about to quit their job, you have to turn around and see what happens. Best case scenario, you watch some craziness unfold and record a video that will go super viral. Worst case scenario, you learn that the chicken you just bought definitely has been dropped on the floor.