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Paul George Trolls Lebron On Instagram, Completely Forgets That Lebron Basically Owns His Life







SERVED! Honest question, do you think Lebron makes it out for Game 3 after this facial? Probably not. It’s one thing to get trolled by all of twitter and America but the guy who you beat every single year in the playoffs? The guy who got catfished by a gay dude, teabagged by his dog and had his team and break out season completely crumble? Can’t have that. Paul George 1, Lebron 0. Championships are overrated, twitter jokes are where it’s at.




You know why Paul George sucks? Because he pretended like his tweet wasn’t about Lebron the minute he got backlash.



Right, because posting a “stay hydrated” Gatorade picture a few days after Lebron’s cramp game was a total coincidence. If you’re going to be a heel to Lebron stick with it. Love or hate Lance Stephenson at least he owned who he was. I can respect a guy like that.