I Will Never Vacation In Qatar

What the fuck, Qatar?! I trusted you! And now you’re just flip flopping like a little bitch country? Well that’s the final straw for me. It wasn’t enough that the average high temperature year-round is 91 degrees, with the average over 100 for 5 month of the year. It wasn’t enough they use slave labor to build World Cup stadiums, a World Cup they only got because of corruption. It wasn’t enough that the slave labor they are using has resulted in multiple casualties. And it wasn’t enough that it’s a country in the Middle East and I’ve never even been to California. But it was finally enough that the country who agreed to pay $100,000 to keep the DC Metro open for an extra hour has reneged on the deal, leaving Caps fans in a lurch. Disheartening!

So I will never go to Qatar. You fuck me? No no no, I fuck you!

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