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Dog Protects His Owner While He Sleeps Off A Hangover In The Middle Of The Street

MIRRORThis is the adorable moment a loyal dog prevented angry drivers and a police officer from waking its owner who was sleeping off a hangover in the middle of a street.

The protective pooch lies on top of the man in the footage and barks at anyone who comes near him.

The dog then licks its owner’s face and paces around his body in a circle in a desperate bid to protect him.

A policeman tries to deal with the disturbance but the mutt won’t let him close to his hungover owner.

The pet nuzzles the man’s face, trying to wake him up on the street in Colombia.

Eventually, the owner wakes up from his drunken slumber as the policeman distracts his dog.

I’m not usually on the Good Boy internet train but this is a very good boy.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 2.24.52 PM

Not a very good owner.  I’ll say that.  Not a very good drinker either.  Any time you find yourself dead asleep, on concrete, literally in the middle of the street that cars and bicycles ride on – you overdid it.

Flip side, at least he’s not driving.  And at least he’s got his trusty sidekick with him to protect him while he sleeps it off.  Kind of selfish to make him the one responsible for caring for you, like the asshole who got way too fucked up in college and it always fell on the shoulders of a friend to make sure they got home okay and didn’t choke on their vomit.  Who knows what other plans he had that day that he had to cancel to guard you from the Colombia Police.  But that’s the thing with dogs.  They’ll do literally anything for you with no complaints.


The hero dog that rescued his buddy from the pool yesterday is still the best boy of the week due to him saving a fellow dog and not a shitty human.