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Paul Ryan Weighed In On The Most Hot-Button Issue Of Our Time: Laurel Or Yanny?

What a world. What a fucking world. The internet never ceases to amaze me. It’s the most powerful tool and it’s not even close. We’re living in a world where a stupid internet thing makes it all the way to the Speaker of the House. That’s crazy. I’m sure Paul Ryan did it to be me more relatable because politicians always have an angle but still. The fact that in a meeting one of his young staffers was like, “Hey Paul. Real quick here. There’s this weird thing blazing across the internet right now about what word you hear. People are hearing different word. It’s crazy town. It’s yanny or laurel. Maybe bring that up during your press conference.” Then he did! Then he did! Fucking crazy. We’re living in quite the time period.

By the way, it’s yanny. It’s been yanny for me from the start and hasn’t changed. I know it’s changed for a lot of people but it hasn’t changed for me. At this point I’m wishing for it to change honestly. I’m a follower, not a leader. I wanna be part of the cool club (AKA the rest of the world) who has had the word change back and forth on them. I’m just sitting over here with my stupid braid hearing yanny over and over and over again. I might just pretend and say it changed for me. That’s how desperate I am for community.