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Yoenis Cespedes Lands On The 10-Day DL With A Strained Hip Flexor


MLB- Following days of consideration, the Mets decided Wednesday to place Yoenis Cespedes on the 10-day disabled list with a strained right hip flexor, retroactive to Monday. Cespedes will be eligible to return May 24.

Injuring his hip in a May 6 game, Cespedes played through the injury, going 5-for-15 with two walks and a home run in five games. On Tuesday, he underwent an MRI, which revealed the strain, but the Mets still did not place him on the DL at that time. Only after playing shorthanded in their 12-2 win over the Blue Jays did the team decide to make a move, calling up utilityman Phillip Evans from Triple-A Las Vegas.

“He could have continued to gut it out, continued to play,” Mets manager Mickey Callaway said. “We were hoping with the off-day and days like that, the progression would be there at some point, maybe this would go away while he was playing. … [We decided to] take a different route and make sure that we are cautious with him and get him back to being the Cespedes he can be soon.”

Obviously it’s never good to place your most dangerous bat on the DL, but I feel like this is a good thing. The old Mets would have either kept Yo on the bench for a week before placing him on the DL after playing 7 games shorthanded or let him stay in the lineup until his hip ripped clean off his body like he lost a fight to Johnny Cage.

But the Mets are clearly doing stuff differently and maybe listened to Keith who was pretty much begging them to get Yo out of the lineup. Do I love seeing my team put a lineup like this on a professional baseball field?

Hell no. But it’s mid-May in Metsland, which means there are 100 different holes in the boat letting water in. Since it’s baseball, that team has just a good a chance as any to win if, and it’s a big if, they can remember to bat in order. Hopefully Yo comes back on the 24th ready to rake again with a healthy hip and this stat was more a product of the shitty weather and layoff than warning signs underneath.

Now we just need some good juju to get us through today’s game.


Holy shit, they broke out the #DayGameDogs? St. Lucie Mets by a million!