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The Sixers Draft Lottery Party At Xfinity Live! Featured Some Borderline Cult-Like Stuff

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Awesome. Where else can a GM of a professional sports franchise who was fired years ago be revered like a God? And, no, this scene isn’t after the 8th straight NBA championship. This is at a freaking draft lottery party. It’s unreal. Actually, you can take out the “Borderline” in the headline. What we are witnessing is a full on cult seance of “The Process”. If Sam Hinkie were actually we could’ve had a Jonestown situation on our hands if he said a sacrifice would be needed for another 2nd round pick. What a scene. And I LOVE it.

Sam Hinkie really did die for our sins. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end. Also, having the balls to dish off a ROY to the Bucks in 2015 (which was a three way deal with the Suns who sent over the Lakers 1st round pick) that results in this 10th overall pick is some first class foreshadowing. Imagine having MCW still kicking around this cult we call The Process…

Now feed me Mikal Bridges at #10 and CUE IT.

PS – We had our very own Electric Chair, er, Clemzingous Depression Bean Bag. The Knicks disappointing the big man in the gut. A tradition like no other:

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