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Georgia Candidate Takes Us To School On Immigration

Georgia Senator Michael Williams is attempting to park his 56-seater of weird vibes in the spot reserved for ‘State Governor’ at the capitol in Atlanta, but first a pit stop in Mexico to drop off some passengers. This move has left BNN speechless, but no worries, as I have a few thoughts.

First off, I just need to toss this out there for good measure:

Then, I’d like to point out that if you’re a couple cars back, this bus probably seems weird AF:

Live look inside this sweet whip:

Now, I’m no geography major but have to agree – if there’s one stance for a Georgia candidate to take, it’s immigration. The Peach State in particular has a long history of trouble on its Mexican border. It’s time someone finally stamped their boat shoes down on this scourge, until it’s squashed like a canapé on the bow of a schooner at the Savannah Yacht Club after the annual Temptation’s Swinger’s Southern Sweet-Tea-Bags Boner Bash.

Speaking of, as another bonus, this guy is 100% pro (American) life. Everyone knows that neither Georgia, nor politicians in general, fuck out of wedlock, or without protection, so this shouldn’t even be an issue for anyone in the state, especially women. From

…court filings filed by his (Williams’) ex-wife as part of divorce hearings surfaced that included allegations that he attempted suicide and squandered money on prostitutes and strippers.

Whether you’re with him or not, you have to give it to his PR team. All they need is to get his name in the news & in people’s heads, and from the bus, to his ideas like putting an armed plainclothes guard in every doorway of Georgia schools, he’s crushing it.

I think of that scene in Cool Hand Luke when that sexy lady’s washing the car, rubbing her yabbos all over the windows, and the one guy is like, “Oh man, she has no idea what she’s doin’.” And some other guy is like, “No, she knows exactly what she’s doing.” It’s kind of like that I think. Politics is pretty much rubbing your big ‘ol honkers on the window of public opinion and hoping people can’t look away, even if they feel like they should. And then for reasons they can’t explain, they check you off on the ballot ’cause you’re all wedged in there in their minds.

Bottom line for me, if you try to achieve your political goals by dehumanizing people, you’re a big ‘ol sackashit. And if you’re so clearly pandering to a deep seated fear in people instead of approaching it with honesty & intellect, you’re ultimately not gonna be good for the state.

Much like they did with wack-a-doo Don Blankenship in West Virginia, many Republicans are distancing themselves from him & encouraging others to do the same, but I’d like to see more of an open condemnation of this kind of this fear mongering.

I understand concern over illegal immigration and absolutely think it’s worth addressing & working to solve, but one thing I’ve never wrapped my head around is why people are so quick to come down on those here illegally, when they’re so happy to ignore the enormous network of companies here drooling for cheap labor that they can treat like objects. American companies are making a killing off these people and gladly bringing them on over American workers. They are rarely held accountable.

Weirdos like Williams label themselves #FearlessConservatives when I’d label him one of the many who are shooting the party in the foot with extreme ideologies that will continue to alienate large portions of the party, while entrenching themselves deeper with the wacky ones.

And you can trust me on all of this, because I was once in the military and also a Communications Major with a 1.8 GPA.