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Presenting the new Barstool movie podcast: Lights, Camera, Barstool

“‘Oh hi…’ – Tommy from The Room” – Big Time Movie Boys

We (Jeff Lowe, Trillballins and KenJac) are co-hosts of the movie podcast Lights Camera Podcast and we are excited to announce that we are joining Barstool Sports. Our new name will be Lights Camera Barstool (LCB), and the one and only PFT Commenter will be our Executive Producer.

The podcast, which drops on Sunday nights and Thursday mornings, is how we got started, but we will be expanding into a larger brand when we join Barstool. We will be writing movie related blogs, doing fake scripts, fake movie trailers, short YouTube movie reviews and much more. Our goal is to be a movie brand with the voice of the people. Not snobby, not pretentious, just fun, everyday movie talk in the same way you’d talk about movies with your family and friends.

With LCB, the most important thing to us is you, the listeners (and now viewers and readers), and your input into everything we do. Think about us as an alternative to Rotten Tomatoes, but your voice is heard above the critics. Through twitter and our Reddit , we take suggestions, have you post your movie thoughts, rate every movie that comes out, allow you to vote in all of our segments and much more. We will have a ratings database so you can see what we rate and say about the movie along with your consensus as listeners/readers/viewers.

Our first episode drops Thursday morning where we will be reviewing the movie ‘Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare’ (hell of a movie to re-launch a podcast with, but, better than our first episode where we reviewed ‘The Emoji Movie’), which might be the worst movie of 2018. We will also be drafting (snake order) our “Most Annoying Movie Character” teams. You can vote here and build your own team to help fill out the listeners’ team.

Make sure to subscribe to the podcast , follow us on twitter , join our Reddit and follow our Instagram.

Thanks everyone for the support and to everyone just joining us for the ride, welcome aboard. All of us couldn’t be more excited. We will leave you with the blooper real from the movie ‘Step Brothers’, which is fucking hilarious.