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Hey Did You Guys Know Lebron Practices?

Sunday we were led to believe that Lebron remembering something that happened like 30 minutes earlier was this incredible basketball genius feat. Now, guess what, before a big Game 2 Lebron is….are you ready? Practicing!! The guy just really wants it and is willing to do what others aren’t in order to be great you know? Who cares that this was during team’s shootaround, something that every single NBA team does (unless the coach cancels it). This is yet another Lebron thing that isn’t all that impressive. It’s not like James went back out onto the Garden floor after Game 1 and worked out. So he showed up a little early to work on his post moves, big fucking deal. And you know there was at least a 63% chance he did this because he knew it would be caught on camera and put out on social media, just like it was. Why didn’t he invite any of his teammates to work with him in preparation for Game 2? Because like with everything, it has to be about Lebron at all times. It wouldn’t shock me if guys like Kevin Love and JR Smith wanted to go out and work with him and I bet Lebron wouldn’t even let them put their shoes on until the shootaround officially started. Remember nobody works harder than Lebron, but he can’t show you himself because of his postseason social media ban. Instead, he does stuff like this. Big fn whoop.

Can we just get to 8:30pm already? I’m starting to lose my patience.