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Robber Successfully Breaks Into A Building And Drops A Couple Sick Dance Moves To Celebrate

This is what happens when dancing doesn’t have mainstream success. For every successful dancer you see in the background of a music video or on stage with Justin Bieber or Beyonce, there are MILLIONs of failed dancers out there who still need to make a living. There can’t be much work out there for a dancer who just quite doesn’t make the cut with the big dawgs. So the dancers are forced into a life of crime. They have to break into buildings and rob them to make ends meet. It’s tough out there. However, you can never fully take dancing away from a dancer. It’s in their blood. Have you ever met a dancer? All they talk about is dancing. It’s incredibly annoying. They rub it in your face about how awesome they are at a thing that most people aren’t awesome at. Anyway. This guy clearly is one of those failed dancers. Rent is due and the kids are crying cause they’re hungry. So he has to break into a building and loot it. Sad but nice to see he still has his sick dance moves.