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More Than 100 People Walked Out Of A Screening Of A New Serial Killer Movie At Cannes Because It Was So Disgustingly Gross. Time To Buy Tickets!

Whaattttttt a bunnnccchhhhh of PUSSIES.  My goodness.   Look at all these babies complaining!

Give me a break.   Yes this sounds disgusting and it’s not really something I’d choose to watch if I knew this going into it:

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.45.57 AMScreen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.48.17 AM

But…it’s a movie.  Spoiler alert, that’s what you do at Cannes.  You watch movies.  You guys know that it’s not real right?  Like those children weren’t actually being murdered and boobs weren’t actually being sliced off?  Like they all signed up for and consented and got paid for doing those scenes.

This is the one tweet that says everything:

“We’re in formal wear and have to watch that?”

Like this dude’s phrasing is so incredibly pompous and smug, but he’s right.

I mean I am literally doing the jerk-off motion in the air right now reading that, but in simple, normal not-asshole human words, his point is “this is a movie,  the director is saying something very specific, it’s not just randomness for the sake of torture porn, he has a deeper message.”   That’s what “art” is by definition.  It’s supposed to make you react and feel things even if those things are uncomfortable.

Sorry you wittle babies puked all over your tuxedos and ballgowns.  Maybe stick to the cartoon section of Cannes next time with all the 4 year olds.