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Love Letters: Woman Concerned About Her Large Areolas


I have fooled around with my boyfriend and he says my boobs are gorgeous, he loves the way they feel and he says the size is perfect. But I haven’t taken my bra off, only because the areola is big and he made it pretty clear once that he finds them disgusting. So now, I am truly scared of being naked in front of him. And I fear that his thoughts on my boobs are going to change. He really, like really likes them and I don’t want that to change once he sees the areolas. How can I deal with this? I am not into surgery of any kind. I personally like my boobs, but since I heard him say how much he dislikes this type of boobs now I hate them.

Fellas, I came across this heartbreaking note from a lovely lady whomst is concerned about the size of her areolas. It’s a natural concern. School bullies get a whiff of some large nipples and you’re in for a world of hurt.

Can people control the size of their nipples? The longstanding scientific answer to that question is a resounding no. Your nipples are your nipples and there’s simply nothing you can do about it.

As a romantic, I hate that this woman feels like she cant dump em out around her lover. He’d love to see them! He’d cherish the chance! But, he’s ruined the initial excitement of a titty gaze by being a big ole jerk. You cant tell a lady that you hate certain things about boobs without seeing her boobs. You’re just asking for failure. The old wive’s tale remains true; you never know the size of an areola until you actually see the areola.

In order to stop this from happening, if you need to tell a prospective mate about your areolas preference, just give a wide range. Say something like, “Debbie, you know what gets my junk moving? I love an areola that ranges from 1cm to 43cm. Anything in that range is fine with me. I just love the look of a woman’s breasts and I’m glad to be on this first date with you so that I might see yours. Talkin titties. Just boob goofin.”

Let her know that you’re excited about where this is leading and then order the 4th least expensive red wine on the menu. It will show that you aren’t super cheap but that you know wines are marked up at an insane rate at most restaurants. Between that and you clearly valuing the ins and outs of a woman’s body, you’re likely to get some cheeks. Incredible.