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Floyd Mayweather Winning $100K Playing Video Poker Is Simply Not Fair

TMZ – Floyd Mayweather decided to try his luck at a high stakes video poker machine Sunday night … and hit a $100,000 jackpot. For real. Floyd started off with $20,000 in a “Ten Play Draw Poker” machine — playing $25 per hand. Then, as fate would have it … he hit a Royal Flush on one of his 10 hands … which paid off a cool $100,000. He also hit some winners on the other hands he was playing at the time, which paid out an additional $1,250 … for a grand total of $101,250.

I’m not sure of the odds of actually winning money while playing video poker, but I’d assume it’s somewhere around 1 in 850 trillion. There’s a reason why these God forsaken machines are the ones featured at every bar where it’s legal. NOBODY wins at video poker. Ever. It just doesn’t happen.
This game is reserved for the degenerates of degenerate. The Blackjack Fletcher looking folk drinking Jack neat* with a few old hag Slot Jockey’s waiting around for literally decades just in case somebody gets a score. Life sometimes just isn’t fair. And by sometimes I mean always in just about every single situation you can imagine.

*I Kmarko what is the cheapest whiskey and he responds with “The brands I don’t even know of”. Thank you for your service, Keith.