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Eddie O Being Able To Wish His Mom And His Wife A Mother's Day Yesterday Was The Highlight Of The Stanley Cup Playoffs

There have been some incredible goals scored so far during these Stanley Cup Playoffs. There have been some big time hits. There have been overtime thrillers and pretty much everything you could ask for. Nothing beats having Eddie O on the broadcast and being able to carry out his promise to his mom and his wife. Even if he wasn’t able to actually be with them in person yesterday, Eddie O being healthy and working the Stanley Cup Playoffs after being diagnosed with colon cancer 7 months ago is probably the best gift he could have gotten either of them for Mother’s Day. And just like he said, I’m sure that both of them are probably the biggest reason why he’s still here with all of us today.

So real quick shoutout to Mrs. Olczyk and shoutout to his wife, Diana, for being a couple of unreal linemates through it all. And quick shoutout to all of the hockey moms out there in the world as well while we’re at it. If you are lucky enough to have a hockey mom in your life, chances are you were raised by a total beauty. Waking up at 4 in the morning on weekends to haul your ass to the rink for a 6am game. Then they have to stand there in a freezing cold rink for a few hours, haul your ass back home and sacrifice their cars always smelling like shit because of your equipment. And hockey moms are bad ass.  You know that if anybody talks shit about their kid, they’d be ready to take the skates right off their son and stab a bitch with them. So shoutout to all the hockey moms in the world. You all kick ass and the world is a better place because of you.