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Webb Simpson SMOKES The Field And Is The 2018 Players Champion

What else can you really say? This tournament was all Webb Simpson. Nobody was ever even really close. Does that make for a boring tournament as a viewer? Yeah it sure does. Hard to get pumped about a golf tournament when a dude is lapping the field. Do I think Webb Simpson gives a shit whether or not we were entertained? Nope and he shouldn’t. He’s out there to win and boy did he ever. He had a seven shot lead heading into Sunday and no one ever got closer than four shots. Domination. At no point did anyone think Webb Simpson wasn’t going to win that tournament. It’s hard to dominate any professional golf event but it’s REALLY hard to dominate the field at The Player Championship. Rounds of 66-63-68 is gonna put you in a good position no matter what tournament it is.

Fairly or unfairly, Tiger will steal a lot of the headlines because he’s Tiger and there were stretches where he looked Back. I’m not talking the Oh He’s Healthy And It’s Cool That He’s Playing Golf Again type of Back. I’m talking Holy Shit This Is The Guy We’ve All Been Waiting To See And He Could Win This Tournament If He Keeps It Up type of back. He makes it look so damn easy when he’s playing well. Monster drives, flip wedge, birdie putt, boner time.

These quotes will probably give you a boner if you’re a fellow Tiger fan boy

Through 12 holes today, there was a real feeling that Tiger was gonna turn into old Tiger and chase down Webb Simpson. Maybe not fully chase him down, Simpson would’ve had to slide back at least a little bit, but Tiger was ROLLING through 12 holes. Just like he was rolling through the first 12 holes on Saturday. Then he made bogey on 14.

Then this happened at 17

And then the dream was dead. It was dead before that but that water ball on 17 made it super dead. But still, Tiger had one hell of a weekend showing after jusssssssssst barely making the cut. Trust the progress.

So Webb Simpson is your 2018 Players Champion. Well deserved after his performance this week. Well deserved indeed.

Oh and Justin Thomas is now the #1 player in the world. He dethrones Dustin Johnson after a 15 month reign. Turns out criticism from a few bloggers at a blogging factory doesn’t make your career crumble. It actually might make JT play better. Good to know.

I think DJ is gonna be just fine