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Noted Philanthropist Young Dolph Donates $20,000 Cash To The Duke Baristas Who Got Fired For Playing His Music

(Duke Chronicle) – Rapper Young Dolph gave the two Joe Van Gogh baristas who were fired for having his song playing at the shop $20,000, according to a Revolt TV report.

Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs, complained to the Director of Duke Dining Robert Coffey about Young Dolph’s “Get Paid,” which was playing last Friday at Joe Van Gogh. This Monday, the baristas were asked to resign. The Revolt TV report stated that the rapper invited the former employees to join him on stage during his Rolling Loud festival performance Friday night.

“So check this out, this what we gon do. I know for a fact that the VP at that school get money, but he don’t get money like Dolph,” he said. “So until y’all get a new job, I got $20,000 for y’all right now.”

It’s nice to see a story get wrapped up with a happy little bow on top of it these days. It’s almost become a rarity. One of the bigger headlines of this week was these two baristas getting fired for playing Young Dolph at their coffee shop before a crusty old dean strolled through and got them fired – a rather ironic twist considering the name of the track in question is “Get Paid” which is the exact opposite thing that happens when one is fired from a job.

Luckily for these two baristas they were playing the right artist because I’m not sure who else would’ve been as charitable as Dolph in this situation. Let’s say they were playing some Biggie, perhaps even some Pac or Big L, well they’d be shit out of luck right now wouldn’t they. But no, they picked Dolph, a man who has survived hundreds of shots in just the past year alone, a man who is likely responsible for the resolve with Korea, a man who plays his own ad-libs over a speech roasting a VP of Duke University, a man who is simply one of our best humans standing today point blank period, and got a free trip to Rolling Loud and $20,000 out of it. Young Dolph vs. Duke is my favorite new rivalry involving the Blue Devils since Coach K vs. any mid-major in the first weekend of the tournament.

So thank you, Dolph. I know I’ll be able to sleep much easier knowing the world finally gave some Duke students a break and handed them a large sum of cash for getting fired from their jobs. It should prepare them nicely for the real world when they work on Wall Street or are CEO of a major bank or some shit.