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Fortnite Friday: Thanos vs Barstool HQ Edition

Watch THANOS vs Barstool HQ @StoolGametime PS4 from Barstoolsports on www.twitch.tv

We’ve surprisingly been blessed with many days of the Mad Titan on Fortnite and I imagine that will continue through the weekend… But there’s no time like the present so away to the island we go! I’ll be doing my best avenging attempt slash doing anything I can to get that goddamn Infinity Gauntlet along with anyone worthy in Barstool HQ.

The POWER. Bah gawd, the power folks…

If you haven’t given the Thanos mode a spin I HIGHLY recommend it. Dunno how I got so lucky jumping in and going 1/1 a couple days ago, cause it’s certainly no easy feat. Even NBA stars like Frank Kaminsky are struggling with it, so Smitty shouldn’t feel too bad.


I can’t imagine living in a world where I HAVEN’T won a game as Thanos. At least his aim is improving though?