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Billionaire Owner Of UHaul Reportedly Leaves His Injured And Diseased Puppies At A Shelter With No Financial Support

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You know, I can understand when someone is poor and they end up dropping a dog off at a shelter because they dont have the means to take care of it anymore. I understand that. I cant understand how someone who is a billionare can allow animals to live in a tiny cage while they need medical care. If you read some of the remarks from the vet who treated the puppies, you’ll be sick to your stomach. These dogs could have gone weeks or even months with these injuries.

Of course, now that the story is getting out to people who have a heart, the owner of UHaul is offering to pay for the cost of the care and take the dogs back. Uhhhh dude. You dont deserve the fucking dogs.


Joe Shoen hasn’t given his side of the story yet so maybe this is crazy dog people being crazy dog people, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It feels like a rich person treated animals like shit and is now trying to cover his piece of shit tracks.